Randomly appearing photos used in background provided courtesy of the following schools

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Baylor University - Credit:  Baylor Marketing & Communications/Robert Rogers and Matthew Minard

Syracuse University - Credit: Syracuse University Athletic Communications

University of Louisville - Credit: University of Louisville Sports Information

University of Oregon - Credit: Eric Evans

University of Rhode Island - Credit: Jim White and URI Athletics

 Tennessee Tech University - Credit: TTU Sports Information

University of Northern Iowa - Credit: UNI Athletic Communications

University of Wyoming - Credit: Wyoming Media Relations

Xavier University - Credit: Xavier Athletics

Lehigh University - Credit: Brent Hugo/Lehigh Athletics


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(Note: All photos are used solely by College Chalktalk as a media entity and in an aesthetic, informational context only with the express consent of the institutions.  Photos should not be copied or otherwise used by any third party without directly contacting and obtaining consent from the universities.)

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